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A Brief Overview of Inbox by Gmail

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Inbox Blue

Inbox by Gmail is a relatively new product in the grand scheme of all the apps that Google has out there. Google calls it “the inbox that works for you.”

Inbox is a new email app developed by Google, and its primary focus is to simplify and streamline everything we do in our email inboxes. It’s available as both a mobile app and through a web interface.

Inbox features a more streamlined interface than Gmail does. You’ll notice that the messages in Inbox are grouped in chronological order with clear boundaries. You’ll also notice that the file names and types are displayed a bit differently, too.

In the main menu, you’ll see a few key features, like Reminders. You can create a reminder for any upcoming event right within the Inbox interface. You can also hit a snooze button for any reminder you’d like to delay.

You’ll also notice a few topics in the “Bundled in the inbox” section, like trips or purchases. These messages will be bundled together in your inbox, saving you time and space.

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