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7 Google Search Tricks That Will Help You Pull Off The Perfect Date

3 minute read

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This is a follow up to 12 Google Search Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know.

Romance can be challenging and until recently, I thought there was nothing romantic about Google searches. Boy, was I wrong!

Google has hidden search features can be used to execute the perfect date. Whether you are dining in with a home-cooked meal or planning a sunset picnic, you can handle every last detail using these seven Google search tools.

1. Set a timer so you aren’t late.

Google has a built-in timer that can be accessed by entering timer in the search bar. This digital stopwatch is perfect for keeping pace while picking out the perfect outfit.

2. Movie night near you.

For generations the movie theater has been a staple of date night. Search movie times to bring up a list of movies playing in your area and click on the movie’s cover art to bring up the scheduled times and theaters for the movie you want to see.

3. Dinner a la Google.

If you plan on cooking and need a bit of inspiration, you can filter search results to only display recipes by typing recipes: before your search term.

4. Know where you are going.

Cooking in can be messy. Find out the quickest route to your date destination using Google Maps. When you enter directions to ______ in the search bar, Google will display a map to your destination with directions by car, public transportation, walking, or bicycle.

5. A tip for tipping!

You probably already know that Google’s search bar can also be used as a calculator, but did you know searching tip calculator will bring up a calculator designed just for calculating gratuity? No back of the napkin calculations necessary on this one. It even has the option to split the tip amongst multiple people.

6. “If a thing loves, it is infinite.” – William Blake

Sweep your date off their feet with a tasteful and properly cited romantic quote. Google has loads of them. In fact, you can access Google’s romantic quote generator by searching love quotes and then clicking try again until you find one you like.

7. A picturesque ending.

Technology can never replace the beauty that nature provides. That doesn’t mean the two can’t work together. To find out exactly when to watch the sunset wherever you are, search sunset followed by your zip code.

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