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7 Office 365 Updates You Might've Missed in August

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August was a busy month for Office 365. Read on to explore seven updates across all Office 365 workloads that are not to be missed.

1. New features added to Outlook on the Web

In early August, the Outlook team announced a plethora of changes coming to the Outlook Web App in Office 365 (referred to in their post, and going forward, as “Outlook on the web”), for any plan that includes Exchange Online. First Release customers should be seeing these changes now (admins, here’s how to turn on First Release) while others will begin seeing the updates in September. Click the link above for a roundup.

2. Treemap & Sunburst plus Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Pareto charts included in Excel 2016

The Excel team has been publishing Office blog posts on the new chart types across Office 2016. Hierarchical charts like Treemap and Sunburst can help analysts visualize complex hierarchical data where natural groupings exist. Statistical charts like Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Pareto “help summarize and add visual meaning to key characteristics of data, including range, distribution, mean and median.” These chart types have accompanying Office Support pages with instructions.

3. O365 update management made easier

The Office 365 team published this helpful guide to managing the cycle of updates–over 450 last year alone. The updates are validated through several layers, from the feature engineering team at Microsoft to first release customers to all users. The team also keeps all users updated through resources like the Office 365 RoadmapMessage Center, and

4. Yammer collaboration optimized for teams

The Yammer UI was enhanced to focus not just on the regular home feed, but on group activity that can increase collaboration across the tool. The home feed was renamed “Discovery feed” and now clearly identifies which groups the conversations come from. Yammer also now shows real-time group activity and several other features that enhance the focus on group updates. 2016 will bring even deeper integration.

5. Co-authoring on Office 2016 docs in OneDrive previewed

We’re excited to get a peek into the real-time co-authoring experience in Office 2016. With this update, “now when two or more users running the latest preview open the same Word document from OneDrive, they can co-author with others in real-time, which allows them to see the cursor location and text edits made by the other users automatically appear as they happen.” The feature is currently available in the Office 2016 preview.

6. Mobile Device Management + BYOD + SaaS explained

Organizations today are faced with the challenge of allowing modern workplace practices like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) while balancing the larger org’s security needs. This Office Mechanics show tackles that challenge by examining “how built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) in Office 365 allows you to set up conditional access to data by a specific device” and shows the resulting user experience.

YouTube video

Office Mechanics: Beyond MDM—How to protect your data with BYOD and SaaS implemented

7. Office IT Pro Deployment Script project announced

Hopefully you’re already familiar with the PowerShell for Office 365 site, great for beginner or intermediate level admins to explore PowerShell scripts and common scenarios. Now IT pros with a more advanced level of expertise can check out the new community GitHub project introduced in this post that collects PowerShell scripts it automate various admin processes. The project is just getting started, but looks like it will grow to be an amazing resource for admins.

Did we miss any August updates? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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