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6 More Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

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We’ve covered keyboard shortcuts for Word in the past (here and here), but there are still more out there. Here are six more helpful shortcuts to save you time.

1. Ctrl + R = Right align text

If you want right-aligned text, highlight your text and hit Ctrl + R. No need to use the alignment buttons at the top of your screen.

2. Ctrl + J = Justify text

To justify text on a page (where the text is evenly aligned along the left and right margins), highlight your text and just hit Ctrl + J. 

3. Ctrl + 2 = Double space text

To double space text quickly, highlight your text and hit Ctrl + 2.

4. Ctrl + 5 = 1.5 space text

If double spacing is a bit too much space for you, try 1.5-line spacing. Highlight your text and hit Ctrl + 5. 

5. Ctrl + ] = Increase font size 1 pt

If you want to increase your font size just by 1 pt, highlight your text and hit Ctrl + ]. Repeat as often as necessary to get the size that you want.

6. Ctrl + [ = Decrease font size 1 pt

To decrease your font size by 1 pt, highlight your text and hit Ctrl + [.


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