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The 5 Slack Commands I Use Most Often

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Slack is filled with shortcuts and keyboard commands. With the ability to create your own keyboard commands, the possibilities grow even larger. At a certain point I realized I wasn’t going to remember every single keyboard shortcut on the platform, I have boiled them down to the five I actually use on a daily basis.

This will mute a channel so you will not receive notifications from that channel anymore. You can use the command a second time to unmute the channel.

This will mark you as “away” in Slack. When you are “away” you will not receive message notifications until your return.

/remind me to [message] at [time]

The remind me command is a way to set a reminder via Slack message. If you say “/remind me to call my mom at 9:00pm” then you will receive a message from the Slackbot at that time telling you to call your mom.

/dm user
If you want to shoot a quick message to another user on your team but don’t want it to be visible to an entire channel, just type /dm user [the users name]. A new chat session will open up between you and that user.

If you ever can’t remember the shortcut you need to use, just send /shortcut in a Slack message and a menu showing you all the available shortcuts will be presented to you.

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