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5 Common Approaches to Google Apps Deployments

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Google Apps Deployment Guide

No two Google Apps deployments look exactly the same. Every organization has unique requirements technically, organizationally and even politically. There are common deployment approaches when it comes to moving your organization from your existing mail platform to Google, so we have outlined the approaches.

5 Common Approaches to Google Apps Deployments

    1. Global Go Live Deployment – A single company wide go-live involving one complete initial migration prior to the cut-over and one delta immediately after the cut-over.
    2. Enterprise Deployment – A phased deployment in which the organization is brought live in three phases; Core IT, Early Adopters, and Global Go-Live.
    3. n-Phased Deployment – A multi phased custom migration in which the roll out phases are grouped by location, department, corporate status, or any other custom grouping that can equate to any number of phases.
    4. Post Go-Live Deployment – A single migration beginning after the cut-over has occurred and all users are already live on the new system.
    5. Greenfield Deployment – A deployment in which no user data is migrated from the legacy system and end users start fresh in the new system.

Due to the diversity of organizations there are many different Google Apps deployment approaches that can be used. Using the correct approach can help you seamlessly adapt Google Apps and our Google Apps Deployment Guide can help determine the approach that best fits your organization.

This article is Part 3 of Google Gooru’s Comprehensive Guide to a Google Apps Deployment. To access the entire guide for FREE, please fill out the form located here.

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