Google Forms have a number of great uses from the classroom to the office, and a recent update brings even more features that we’re really excited about.

Add a progress bar to guide your users

Progress bar for Google Forms

If you’ve created a particularly long form or quiz, a progress bar can be a really easy way to let your users now how much they have left to complete. This can be added from the Form settings section at the top of your Form.

Ensure information is entered correctly with Data Validation

Data validation for Google Forms

Forms are great for collecting information, but it can cut down on your efficiency if responders aren’t entering it in the correct format.

Data validation can make sure users enter in email addresses, websites and more into the correct format, so you don’t have to edit it later on. Data Validation is also available for maximum character counts, numbers, zip codes and more.

Easily embed YouTube videos

Embed YouTube videos into Google Forms

Do you want to make sure your users (or students) have watched an informational video and retained the information? Now you can insert a YouTube video directly into a Form, and follow it up with questions to test their knowledge!

Custom messages for closed Forms

Custom messages for closed Google Forms

This is my favorite feature that’s been added, and it’s great if you’re asking people to RSVP to an event through Google Forms. If the event is all filled up, you can present them with a custom message letting them know why they can’t RSVP, and what to do next.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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One thought on “4 New Tools for Customizing Google Forms

  1. Joe S Reply

    Is there a way to prevent the suggested videos at the end of a YouTube video? Sometimes they are just inappropriate.

    I also couldn’t get the video via a URL to work. Does anyone know which sites can be used?

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