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4 Necessary Tasks for the Beginner IT Admin

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Experienced IT administrators may be able to do some of these tasks with their eyes closed, or choose to eschew the admin center altogether and perform these tasks in bulk using PowerShell or a third-party management tool.

But if you’re a beginner IT admin, or perhaps a small business owner who handles all aspects of the business, including Office 365 management, these tips are for you.

1. Add Individual Office 365 Users

Adding new users can be a daily task for some admins, depending on the size of the organization. With Office 365, you’ll find a variety of ways to add new users to your tenant. One of the simplest ways is to use the admin center, where you can add users individually or bulk (via a CSV file). The video above shows you how to add individual users in the admin center.

2. Assign or Remove Office 365 Licenses

If your organization is on an Office 365 for business plan, your users will need licenses to access all of the features of the plan. Most of the time, you’ll assign the user a license when you first create their Office 365 account. Using the admin center, you can also assign users a license or edit existing license assignments. If a user leaves your organization, deleting their account will automatically unassign their license(s), allowing them to be available for reassigning to existing users. But you may want to simply remove or unassign a license from an active user, and you can do that in the admin center as well.

3. Reset Office 365 Passwords

Even as the IT administrator’s role evolves with organizations’ increasing move to the cloud, there are still some responsibilities that remain inescapable. User account management, and resetting passwords in particular, can be a daily activity for an admin. There are multiple methods to reset Office 365 users’ passwords, but doing so from the admin center is perhaps the most straightforward. This video shows you how.

4. Delete Office 365 Users

If your Office 365 users are in the cloud, you can easily delete them via the admin center. Take a look at the video demo above. Note that if you’re using directory synchronization, you have to delete your users from the local Active Directory. When an account is deleted, it goes into a 30-day holding period until “hard delete.” Information can be retrieved within that period.

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