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4 Business Tools that Integrate Perfectly with Google Apps

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Isn’t it nice when all of your applications work together?

Google Apps products are already designed to work seamlessly with one another, but unfortunately, most organizations aren’t exclusively using applications designed by Google. Luckily, through the magic of integrations, all of your non-Google tools can work together just as seamlessly.

Salesforce, Slack, Asana, and Zendesk are staples in the cloud workplace for millions of employees around the world. We found ways to integrate each of these systems with your Google Apps account to create a more fluid work day. When the tools you use everyday are connected so perfectly, things just… work.

1. Pull Gmail messages into Salesforce

Gmail --- Salesforce

Salesforce allows you to pull in correspondences from your Gmail account and add them as activities associated with leads, contacts, and opportunities.

To activate the Gmail to Salesforce integration,

I. In Salesforce, go to “Setup”.

II. Enter “Email to Salesforce” in the Quick Find search box.

III. Select “Email to Salesforce”

Salesforce is the leading cloud based CRM platform.

2. Post Google Drive Files in Slack

Drive --- Slack

All your files are already on Google Drive, this Slack integration makes it easier than ever to send them to your teammates without having to leave Slack.

To turn on the Google Drive integration for Slack,

I. Go to the Google Drive app page in Slack.

II. Click Install, next to your team name.

III. Click “Authenticate your Google Drive account”.

IV. Log in to Google Drive and click “Accept to authenticate with Slack”.

Slack is an internal enterprise chat and messaging platform.

3. Turn any webpage into an Asana task from Google Chrome

Chrome --- Asana

Asana has a Chrome extension (Link) that allows you to turn any webpage into an Asana task. This is an easy way to assign a reading based task to your teammates or save an article for yourself to read later.

Asana is a task management and collaboration tool.

4. Launch a Google Hangout directly from a Zendesk ticket

Zendesk --- Hangouts (1)

Solving support tickets is way faster via video conference call. That is why Zendesk launched this integration that allows you to launch a Google Hangout directly from a ticket. This doesn’t have to be used to be used for user facing calls, the integration also allows for easy Hangout collaboration amongst team members.

To install the Google Hangouts integration for Zendesk,

I. Click the Admin icon in the sidebar of your Zendesk account.

II. Under Apps, select Marketplace.

III. Find the Google+ Hangouts app and click the tile.

IV. Click “Install app” in the upper-right corner.

V. Enter a name for the app, then click Install.

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