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Productivity, Identity, Mobility: 365NinjaLIVE Day 1 Recap

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Our first 365NinjaLIVE event kicked off on Wednesday, October 28 with three sessions brimming with great content on a wide range of Office 365 topics. Admins, IT pros, and end users from across the globe came together to engage with expert presenters and walked away with actionable insights and a renewed appreciation for the capabilities of the Office 365 suite.

If you weren’t able to attend one of the presentations, or if you’d like to review some of the information you received, you can find¬†all the recordings, slides, and recaps here.

Reinventing Productivity Across Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, & Other Office 365 Tools

Resident 365 Ninja Rachel Wilson started the day with a session on what it means to “reinvent productivity” with Office 365. It’s a phrase we’ve heard from Microsoft lately, but what does that actually mean on a day-to-day basis? Rachel covers how Office 365 helps businesses and end users reinvent productivity across areas like team collaboration, content creation and documentation, gaining new insights and discoveries, and individual task management in tools like Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive for Business.

–>¬†Download a PDF copy of the slides here.

Understanding Identity Management: Azure AD Sync vs ADFS

Matt Green, Solutions Architect with Netrix, led this engaging session on identity management that produced some great discussion during the Q&A period. During the presentation itself, Matt led the audience through a variety of identity and access management scenarios: cloud identity, directory & password sync, and federated identity. This session also provided a deep dive through the architecture, protocols, client endpoints, authentication path, and more.

–>¬†Download a PDF copy of the slides here.

Empower Your Office 365 Business With Secure Mobility

We closed out the day with a session led by Bil Martin, Strategy Architect with Infrascience. This session also explored the area of access management in Office 365, but centered around a variety of solutions like Enterprise Mobility Suite and Azure Rights Management Service, with the goal of enabling users to work anywhere with any device but still ensuring secure access and protection of shared information. He closed out with a demo of some of these scenarios in Azure AD, Intune, and Outlook.

–>¬†Download a PDF copy of the slides here.

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