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3 Useful Automation "Recipes" for Google Apps

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From self-timed coffee makers to self-driving cars, automation is everywhere. Google Apps is no exception. You can apply the power of automation to Google Apps and make your life simpler and more productive by using automation “recipes” with IFTTT.

IFTTT (which stands for If This, Then That) is a free service that uses simple “if this, then that” statements–i.e., “if this happens, then take this action”–to automate common tasks. You can use these “recipes” for lots of apps that you use on a daily basis.

Here are three automation recipes you can use for Google Apps.

First, head to and sign up for an account, if you don’t already have one.

1. Automatically get an email if it’s going to rain tomorrow

This recipe says: IF it’s going to rain tomorrow, THEN send me an email. Meaning: If the forecast predicts rain for a given day, you’ll get an email warning you that you’re about to get soggy!

  • On, search for the “If it’s going to rain tomorrow, send me an email!” recipe
  • Connect to the Weather Channel by clicking “Connect” and entering in your city
  • Connect to the Gmail Channel by clicking “Connect” and allowing it access
  • Enter in your email address you’d like to receive alerts on, and then click “Add” to make it active

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2. Automatically save new email attachments to Google Drive

This recipe will automatically place attachments that you receive in Gmail into a specified Drive folder.

  • Search for the “Save new email attachments to Google Drive” recipe
  • Connect to the Google Drive channel by clicking “Connect” and allowing it access
  • Click “Add” to make it active. An important note here is that the recipe won’t create this Drive folder automatically, so you’ll either have to point it to an existing one or create a new folder

3. Automatically add receipts & invoices to a Google Drive spreadsheet

When you receive an email with a subject that includes receipts, orders, or invoices, all of that data will be automatically added to a spreadsheet in Google Drive.

There are countless other recipes for you to explore, but hopefully this gets you started finding out all the ways that IFTTT can help you automate your online life.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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