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3 More Handy Shortcuts for Word and Excel

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Here are some more handy shortcuts for speeding up your workflow in Microsoft Word or Excel. While two of our tips here today are program-specific, the first one is a crossover, and will work in either program.

F4: Repeat last action

To repeat the last action that you took in Word or Excel, you need to use the F4 key. For example, if you changed the font of a paragraph, you can change another section of text to the same font just by highlighting your new section of text and hitting F4. 

Ctrl + Enter: Enter the same text into Excel cells at the same time

For instance, let’s say you want to enter the term “Projected Profits” into every cell in column A. Just select all of those cells, type your term, and hit CTRL + Enter instead – and just like that, your value will populate to all of my selected cells.

* + space + your text: Make bulleted lists

To instantly create bulleted lists in Word, just enter an asterisk, followed by a space, and then text. It will instantly turn into a bullet list.

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