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3 Gmail Tips for Former Outlook Users

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If you’re a former Outlook user who is just getting used to Gmail, you’ll notice that things are a little bit different. While we recommended embracing the differences between the two, we also have a few tips to help make the transition a little bit easier.

  1. Turn off Conversation View – By default, Gmail groups messages together based on the subject off the email. If you want each message to be separate from the conversation, you’ll need to turn off conversation view.
  2. Turn on Preview Pane LabThis lab is designed to make your Gmail inbox appear more like the traditional Outlook view, grouping your messages into one column with a preview window to quickly see the contents of a message.
  3. Use search to sort messages – Sorting messages in Gmail is based completely on search, something Google knows a little bit about. Use search operators, or the dropdown at the top of your screen, to quickly find the right messages.

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