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3 Easy Tips to Save Time in Excel

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When you’re working in Excel, there are a few tricks you can use to save time and stay efficient and organized. Here are three fast, simple tips.

Color code your tabs

  1. On a Mac, hold down the command key. On a PC, hold down Ctrl. Select the tabs you’d like to color code.
  2. Open the Format menu. Move down to Tab color, and select the color you want to use to identify your tabs.

Never lose any of your work with constant auto recovery backups

To make sure you never lose any of your work, you can lower the amount of time in between auto recovery backups in the event that you have a program or a system crash.

  1. To access this option, head to the Preferences menu, and select Save.
  2. Then, lower the number of minutes in the “Save AutoRecover info in every … minutes” box to one or two. This will save you huge amounts of time in the event of a crash, as your work will be backed up to mere moments before your crash.

Use keyboard shortcuts

  1. Rather than having to go to the bottom of your screen and clicking on a given tab to open it, you can just use keyboard shortcuts to quickly scroll through tabs. On Macs, press and hold the option key, and then use the right and left arrows to scroll through the tabs. On a PC, hold Ctrl and use page up and page down to move through the tabs.

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