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3 Awesome Outlook Add-ins That'll Make Your Life Easier

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Outlook Blue

You can do a lot with Outlook add-ins, like scheduling meetings at Starbucks, setting Uber ride reminders, and scheduling emails to send later. Here are three helpful add-ins that can help you do all of the above. 

Add-ins are very easy to install. All you have to do is click on the Home tab and then go to the Store icon on the ribbon. From here, you can navigate through the available add-ins, and then when you find one that you’re interested in, just click the slider to add or purchase the add in.


If you like to have meetings at coffee shops, the Starbucks add-in is for you. It makes it super easy to schedule meetings at–where else?–your local Starbucks. When you install the Starbucks add-in, you’ll notice that there is a “Meet at Starbucks” option on your ribbon. Click on that, and you can search for your client’s favorite Starbucks and schedule your meeting there.

The Starbucks add-in also makes it easy to send Starbucks eGiftcards. Simply click on the Reply with eGift button and you can send out a gift card to show appreciation for a client or for a job well done by an employee.


The Uber add-in is great for people who prefer to use the ride service to conveniently commute to meetings and events. So when you go to set up a meeting request that you plan on taking an Uber to, just click on the Office add-ins button and choose the Uber add-in. Here, you can set a reminder to catch your Uber on your way to the meeting, helping make sure that you’re always arriving on time.


Boomerang is a full-on productivity powerhouse. With Boomerang, you can schedule email to send at a later time. You can also have Boomerang remind you in a set number of days if you haven’t received a reply, and you can request read receipts and track clicks in the email.

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