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3 Apps That Are Better Than Google's Native Options

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There is no denying that Google provides some of the most useful and intuitive applications on the cloud. However, since they cover so many different categories it is no surprise that they have been bested in more than a few.

Although Google’s tools are baked right in and right there when you need them, eventually you may want to take their functionalities up a notch. When that time comes, these are the third-party applications you should be installing. From self destructing emails in Gmail to notifications on your Drive folders, these apps are will feel like you are filling your gas tank with rocket fuel.

1. Dmail is the “Undo Send” Tools On Steroids

Although there is an option in Gmail to undo a sent email, the feature only work up to 30 seconds after you hit send. The Dmail Chrome Extension (link) not only allows you to set a time at which the email will be destroyed in the future before sending it, but you can also revoke the email at any time in the future. You no longer relinquish control of your emails after they are sent.

This is an excerpt from Send Self-Destructing Emails in Gmail.

2. Change Document Sharing Permissions in Bulk with BetterCloud

Setting sharing permissions is a very important task for Google Apps admins. While the control panel allows you to restrict, or enable, sharing settings for your entire organization, there is not much flexibility for admins. BetterCloud fills in the gaps, allowing you to set sharing permissions on an individual or group basis.

This is an excerpt from How to Change Google Docs Permissions in Bulk using BetterCloud.

3. An Extension That Notifies You Every Time A Google Drive Folder Is Changed

Rather than setting up notifications on every document you share, you may just want to know if any document in a particular folder is being edited. Although this functionality is not yet built into Google Apps, there is a Chrome Extension (link) I found that will do it. Simply select the folder you want to keep track of and you will receive an email every time a file contained in that folder is edited or even if a new file is added to the folder.

This is an excerpt from Finally A Way To Get Notified Every Time A Google Drive Folder Is Changed.

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