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2015 Gooru Oscar Nominations

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These are The Gooru’s top 10 videos of 2015 thus far. Vote on your favorite to win the 2015 Gooru Oscar for Best Picture.

1. Quick Sum in Google Spreadsheets

If you’ve spent any time in Google Spreadsheets, you know formulas are your best bet for calculating data. If you want to get quick insight on your Spreadsheet without using formulas then you should definitely check out Quick Sum.

2. Add Google Drive Images to Email Signatures in Google Apps

We cover creating and scheduling email signatures all the time, but a recent update to Gmail makes adding images to your signatures easier than ever. On top of adding an image from your desktop or a URL, you can finally insert Google Drive images into your signature directly from the editor.

3. All Day Event Notifications in Google Calendar

An All Day event in Google Calendar can be a great way to block off days when you’re out of the office or an important event is happening with a flexible timeframe.

4. Create Collaborative Google Maps

Sharing and collaboration goes beyond documents and spreadsheets for a multi-office company. Google allows you to share customized maps with other Google Apps users so you can better collaborate on locational planning.

5. Pull Stock Market Data Into Google Sheets

Researching specific stocks and pulling accurate up to date information can be tedious. Google Sheets cuts out a lot of the busy work and allows you to get the data you need in one convenient location. This video will walk you through the steps to pull live financial data directly into a Google Sheet.

6. How to Host an Image on Google Drive

The ability to host an image directly from Google Drive has been discontinued by Google. Luckily, we found an easy workaround, so you can link directly to the image without linking to your Drive.

7. Email Notifications for Google Spreadsheets

There are a number of different ways that Google integrates the power of Gmail directly into Drive. One of our favorites is the ability to stay on top of any changes that occur to a Spreadsheet with notification rules.

8. Monitor a User’s Inbox

Keeping track of what your users are sending and receiving via Gmail is important for any domain. Unfortunately, Google’s Admin Console does not have a built in way to track the content of your users inboxes, leaving admins with nothing short of asking a user for their password if they need to take a look.

9. Adding Teachers in Google Classroom

If your school is using Google Classroom, hopefully you remembered to sign up as a teacher, rather than as a student. If you did happen to sign up as a student by mistake, don’t worry! As an Admin you can directly add teachers to courses in Google Classroom.

10. How to use VLookups Function in Google Sheets

The VLookup function in Google Sheets is used to find whether a value exists in multiple ranges. This tool has limitless uses for sorting through and making sense of large lists of data.


Happy voting!

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