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12 Fun Ways to Use OneNote Outside of the Office

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The majority of our Office-related posts posts are aimed toward Office 365 for Business users, though many posts can be applicable to use of Office programs outside of work.

For example, you may want to embed a PowerPoint presentation on a personal webpage, and we show you how to do that through personal OneDrive.

In today’s post, we’re sharing a collection of fun ways to use OneNote outside of the office. The possibilities are endless, but these are our favorites.

Making To Do Lists of All Kinds in OneNote

This is certainly a process that helps out in a business setting, but many of us create checklists for all sorts of things in life. Using OneNote to create to do lists can come in handy with things like preparing for your children’s school year, planning a move, and in many of the tips later in this post.

Going Shopping With a Plan on OneNote

Once you’ve mastered the art of OneNote tags, using the to do list function to create shopping lists will become second nature. Office 365 makes it easy to share lists with others, so having a list that all family members makes it easier to keep track of your needs (i.e. you don’t end up with three cartons of milk when you only needed one).

Clipping Content From the Web to OneNote

What do you do when you want to save content from the web? Maybe you have a system of bookmarks, or you use a social tool like Pinterest, or maybe you even copy and paste to a Word document. Instead, try out OneNote! It’s easy to take screenshots and even save an entire page using the OneNote Clipper extension.

Recording Audio Reminders in OneNote

While OneNote is obviously a natural choice for taking written or typed notes, you can also use it to capture and create audio and video recordings. This function lends itself well to a work or school setting, but why not try using it in your personal life as well? You can record quick notes for yourself while you’re multitasking and come back to them later.

Bonus Fun OneNote Ideas:

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