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SaaS Updates Summary: September 16 – September 20

BetterCloud Monitor

September 23, 2019

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Last week, Slack rolled out shared channels, a new way to work with people outside your company. Google announced live captions in Hangouts Meet (for Android), plus an easier way to find bots within Hangouts Chat, and more.

New Android Management Client for Devices Registered After September 16, 2019
G Suite Updates | Last week, Google began gradually rolling out a new Android management system called “Android Management API.” Apps managed through the new system will also use a new on-device management client, Android Device Policy, which will replace the existing Google Apps Device Policy client.

Live Captions in Hangouts Meet, Now Available on Android
G Suite Updates | Support for live captions on Hangouts Meet was announced at Google Cloud Next ‘19 in San Francisco. Google is continuing to invest in this area with the addition of captions support on the Meet Android app.

Control Session Length for Google Cloud Console and gcloud CLI
G Suite Updates | Google is opening a public beta so G Suite, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Cloud Identity admins can set a fixed session duration for specific apps and services.

Break Down Walls With Shared Channels
Several People Are Typing | Shared channels is a new feature that allows Slack teams in different organizations to use Slack to collaborate together as easily and productively as they do internally. It’s officially out of beta and available for all paid plans.

Migrate Your Apps to the Latest Sheets API by March 2020
G Suite Updates | Google is retiring the Sheets v3 API on March 3, 2020. To ensure that projects that were originally built on the v3 API continue to work, migrate your apps to the Sheets v4 API before that date.

Search, View, and Add Bots Directly Within Hangouts Chat
G Suite Updates | Google is making it easier to find bots within Hangouts Chat. Now, when you select “Find a Bot,” you’ll see a catalog where you can discover bots and view more information about them.

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