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SaaS Updates Summary: October 30 – November 3

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Last week, Slack shared some pumpkin-spiced delights and Google announced a spooky API shutdown.

Premium Features Now Available to Office 365 Subscribers

Office 365 | The Outlook team began rolling out new benefits for Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers who use These premium email features include an ad-free inbox, enhanced protection against malware and phishing, larger mailbox sizes, and premium customer support.

Introducing New Ways to Work in Microsoft Project

Office 365 | The integration of Project with Microsoft Planner lets you connect Project tasks to a Planner plan and track detailed work in Planner.

Delivering a Faster and More Responsive

Office 365 | When you create a new account, Microsoft will now determine the appropriate data centers automatically, rather than relying on the country of residence stored in your account profile.

Manage System Apps on Company-Owned Android Devices

G Suite | To give G Suite admins greater control over system apps on Android devices, Google is introducing settings in the Admin console to enable all system apps, disable all system apps, enable select system apps, or disable select system apps.

Record a Hangouts Meet Meeting and Save It To Google Drive

G Suite | Hangouts Meet video meetings for G Suite Enterprise edition can now be recorded and saved to the cloud, making them easy to share, view, and even play in sped-up mode.

The Meeting Room, by G Suite

G Suite | Google is introducing Hangouts Meet hardware—a new way to bring high-quality video meetings to businesses of any size. The hardware kit consists of four components: a touchscreen controller, speakermic, 4K-sensor Ultra HD camera, and ASUS Chromebox.

Ten Third-Party Applications Added to the G Suite Pre-Integrated SSO Apps Catalog

G Suite | Google is adding SAML integration for ten additional applications: Aha!, Atlassian Cloud, Datadog, Desk, Github Business, HackerOne, Mavenlink, Mixpanel, SpringerLink, and Springerlink Test.

New to Office 365 in October—Online Tools, Microsoft AI, and More

Office 365 | Here’s a look at all of the Office 365 updates from October, including a new set of cloud-powered features designed to save you time and produce better results (and lots more).

Pumpkin-Spiced October Delights

Slack | Slack provides a recap of all its October updates, which include interactive screensharing, the Google Drive bot, and other exciting new pumpkin-spiced features.

An Integration Investigation

Zendesk | Here are some great new integrations designed to improve and extend your use of Zendesk.

See What’s New with Evernote for Google Pixelbook

Evernote | Google recently announced the Google Pixelbook, a high-performance Chromebook. Evernote has refined its entire app for the Pixelbook, including improved performance of the touchscreen.

Shutdown of GData Admin Settings API Now Planned for October 31st, 2018

G Suite | To summarize, the GData Admin Settings API has been deprecated but will remain operational until October 31st, 2018, to give developers time to migrate.

Updates to Zendesk’s Terms and Policies

Zendesk | Zendesk has updated their terms and policies to address things like changes in law and the introduction of new features and functionality.

View and Modify All of Your Team Drives Using the Google Drive API

G Suite | Google is providing new methods in the Google Drive API that enable developers to build tools for Team Drive membership management, cybersecurity solutions, and more.

Bonjour! Hallo! Asana is now available in French and German

Asana | Asana is excited to roll out the entire Asana experience in new languages, starting with French and German! Spanish and Portuguese are coming early next year.

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