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SaaS Updates Summary: October 29 – November 2

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Lots of exciting updates this week! You can now view emails from multiple accounts at once in the Gmail iOS app. Google is rolling out a new interface for the Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Also, the GData Admin Settings API shut down on October 31, so Google published a list of all the features that were shut down or replaced. Google also released a timeline for the new Google Contacts (aka Contacts preview) as well as the ability to delegate contact management to someone else. Plus, there are a few updates for Microsoft 365, Slack, Zendesk, Dropbox, and Asana.

Read on for details.

New Interface for Activity Dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
G Suite Updates | Google is updating the interface of Activity dashboard in the Google Docs editors. The options and settings available won’t change, but they hope the new interface makes it easier to find data and collaborate more effectively.

Automatically Provision Users With Two Additional Apps
G Suite Updates | Google is adding auto-provisioning support for two new applications: Bonusly and Klipfolio.

An Update on the GData Admin Settings API Shutdown
G Suite Updates | Last year, Google announced that they’re shutting down the GData Admin Settings API on October 31, 2018. As previously communicated, here are the features will be shut down or replaced.

View Emails from Multiple Accounts at Once in the Gmail iOS App
G Suite Updates | To save you time, Google is now making it possible to view emails from multiple accounts in a single inbox on an iOS device — the same way you can with the Gmail Android app.

5 New Apps to Streamline Communication
Several People Are Typing | Slack is showcasing a handful of tools with new capabilities to help streamline your work. Check out the latest from HubSpot, Coupa, Citrix, Eletype, and SoapBox, all of which can be found in the ever-expanding Slack App Directory.

New to Microsoft 365 in October — Tools to Create Impactful Content and Help Transition to the Cloud
Microsoft 365 | This month, Microsoft released new features in Microsoft 365 that help teams enhance the look and feel of their content with ease, plus new tools and resources to help you transition to the cloud. Here’s a look at what’s new in October.

Next Stop: The Integration Station
Zendesk Blog | All aboard! Here are the latest app integrations available on the Marketplace.

Streamline Collaboration in Education With Canvas Integration
Dropbox Blog | A new partnership with Instructure, makers of the Canvas learning management system (LMS), will help educational institutions of all sizes streamline collaboration.

Simplify and Automate Your Workflows With Atlassian and Slack
Several People Are Typing | Slack is developing a product roadmap chock-full of powerful integrations between Slack and the Atlassian family of products.

Timeline to Move Users to New Google Contacts and Shut Down Old Contacts
G Suite Updates | Over the next few months, Google will completely replace old Google Contacts with new Google Contacts (also known as Contacts preview). New Contacts will be the only Google Contacts version after February 12, 2019.

Delegate Contact Management in the New Google Contacts Preview
G Suite Updates | Google is adding the ability to delegate contact management to someone else in new Google Contacts (aka Contacts preview). When you delegate contact management, you give someone else the ability to edit or delete information in your personal contacts folder on your behalf.

Introducing Portfolios: The Mission Control for Your Most Important Initiatives
Asana Blog | With Portfolios in Asana, you can monitor the progress of your important initiatives and company objectives in one place.

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