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SaaS Updates Summary: October 28 – November 1

BetterCloud Monitor

November 1, 2019

2 minute read

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There are lots of exciting SaaS updates from last week to catch up on. Notably, you can now host Hangouts meeting with up to 250 participants and Trello launched a ton of new templates. Read up on all of last week’s SaaS updates here.

Ensure That Google Vault Captures All Emails in Your Domain
G Suite Updates | Google writes: “To ensure that copies of all sent or received messages in your domain are stored in the associated users’ Gmail mailboxes, you should set up comprehensive mail storage in the Admin console. This is not a new setting, but we’ve learned that some G Suite admins don’t realize it’s disabled by default.”

Host Hangouts Meet Meetings With up to 250 Participants
G Suite Updates | G Suite Enterprise domains can now host meetings with up to 250 participants.

Fundamental Device Management Brings Basic Coverage to All Desktop Computers
G Suite Updates | With this launch, all desktop devices that log in to G Suite will get fundamental device management by default. This means that when a user logs in to G Suite through any browser on a Windows, Mac, Chrome, or Linux device, the device will be registered with endpoint management. This will happen automatically upon login and does not require any other user actions or software to be installed on the device.

Instantly Create New Docs, Events, Spreadsheets and More from Your Browser
G Suite Updates | You can quickly create new files directly from your browser with “.new” domains for several Google products. For example, you can type “” into your browser to create a new Google Calendar event.

50 Million Is Just The Beginning: Automation, Templates, And More New Features To Keep Your Team Building
Trello Blog | Trello released new features to help your team get started quickly, automate and simplify essential processes, and save valuable time. These features include: board templates, a community template gallery, card templates, and suggested actions.

Live Captions in Hangouts Meet Now Available on iOS
G Suite Updates | Support for live captions on Hangouts Meet was announced for the web and Android earlier this year. Google is now bringing that same captions support to the Meet iOS app.

Material Design for Cloud Search
G Suite Updates | Cloud Search is getting a new look and feel. Users will notice some visual improvements.

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