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SaaS Updates Summary: October 19 – 23

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Google had another busy week and launched several updates to Google Workplace. Ever want to grant someone access to a doc directly in Gmail? Now you can. Also, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Forms are available for personal use. Read more about these updates and everything else that happened last week in the links below.

Use the Count API to Estimate Vault API Export Sizes
Google Workspace Updates | Google’s adding a Count API to the Vault API. The Count API enables you to see the number of messages, files, or other data items that match a search query. You can use the number of items to estimate the size of the export, and then choose to proceed with the export or adjust the query to retrieve fewer items.

Grant Access to Drive Files Directly From Gmail
Google Workspace Updates | When someone requests access to a Drive file, you’ll receive an email with the access request. Now, Gmail users will be able to manage that request directly from that email, without leaving the message.

Introducing Data Protection Insights Reports
Google Workspace Updates | These new reports will help you understand what sensitive information is stored in your organization, and can help you make more informed decisions to protect it. For customers new to DLP, a report can help you identify the types of sensitive content, such as credit card numbers and tax IDs, that you might want to prioritize establishing DLP policies for.

Streamlined and Intuitive App Management in the Admin Console With New Unified Experience
Google Workspace Updates | Google is creating a single place to manage web and mobile apps in the Admin console. With the new location, we’ll also be updating the management interface to be more consistent and intuitive.

Survey or Quiz Your Friends and Family With Microsoft Forms, Now Available for Personal Use
Microsoft 365 Blog | Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Forms for personal use. Forms enables you to create a survey or quiz on any topic and works on any device via the web and the Office mobile app– making it easy to capture the information you need anywhere, anytime.

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