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SaaS Updates Summary: October 14 – October 18

BetterCloud Monitor

October 18, 2019

2 minute read

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Updates from Google, Microsoft, and Slack last week are designed to reduce SaaS friction and streamline your experience. We have all the update details here.

Customize Text Size and Position for Captions in Google Slides
G Suite Updates | Google has added the ability to personalize caption text size and position while presenting in Google Slides. These features are helpful for making captions easier to read, like ensuring all audience members can view captions in a large room. Or, you could make your text smaller to maximize the number of words on screen at once.

Directly Click on Chart Elements to Move and Delete Them in Google Sheets
G Suite Updates | Google is adding new features that give users more options to easily customize their charts in Google Sheets. Now you can click directly on data labels, chart titles or legends and drag to reposition them. Or you can easily delete these elements using the delete or backspace keys.

USB-C Titan Security Keys Now Available in the US
G Suite Updates | Google is expanding the 2-Step Verification (2SV) options available for Google Accounts by offering a new USB-C Titan Security Key in the United States.

Meet Workflow Builder: The Simple Way to Streamline Tasks in Slack
Several People are Typing | Slack released Workflow Builder to remove productivity roadblocks and help you move projects forward in Slack.

Custom Alerts Moving to Consolidated Security Rules List
G Suite Updates | Google is moving the management of custom reporting alerts to the Security rules section of the Admin console.

Announcing the General Availability of Desktop Analytics
Microsoft 365 Blog | Microsoft announced the general availability of Desktop Analytics—the cloud-connected service that integrates with System Center Configuration Manager to help IT professionals take a data-driven approach to their management of Windows endpoints.

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