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SaaS Updates Summary: October 12 – 16

BetterCloud Monitor

October 19, 2020

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Google’s recent rebranding wasn’t just for the sake of redesigning some app icons. Last week, Google gave users more flexibility over their default video conferencing app in Google Calendar. Plus, new compose-time add-ons in Gmail. Read about these and other updates from last weeks in the links.

Enhancing Google Workspace Add-Ons in Gmail With Compose-Time Functions
Google Workspace Updates | Google is enhancing the way you work with Google Workspace Add-ons in Gmail with the addition of Compose-time functions. Compose-time functions can help modify and format your messages in Gmail faster.

New Groups Will Become the Only User Experience Beginning November 2, 2020
Google Workspace Updates | Starting on November 2, 2020 for Rapid Release domains and on November 9, 2020 for Scheduled Release domains, classic Groups will be turned off completely. After that date, there will be no option to use the old version (previously at Settings > Return to classic Google Groups).

Make Google Meet or an Add-On Your Default Video Conferencing Option in Google Calendar
Google Workspace Updates | Google is giving you more control over how your end users choose between available conferencing providers when creating Calendar events by introducing a new Admin console setting to “Make Google Meet the default video conferencing provider.”

New Look and Feel for the Google Meet Android Mobile App
Google Workspace Updates | Google is updating the user interface (UI) of the Google Meet Android mobile apps. The new mobile UI will have the same look and feel as that of the meeting experience in the Gmail app and was previously rolled out to the Meet app on iOS.

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