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SaaS Updates Summary: Oct. 2 – Oct. 6

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This week, Slack and Google released “September in review” blog posts. Dropbox underwent a creative redesign. And Apple fixed one of the biggest pet peeves for iOS users.

What’s New in G Suite – September 2017

G Suite | Whether its Slides, Sites, or Jamboard, September was action-packed with great G Suite updates to help you take your productivity to the next level.

Dial Into a Hangouts Meet Video Call with an International Phone Number

G Suite | Google is providing G Suite Enterprise customers with a dedicated dial-in phone number for every Meet, allowing for a rich audio-only experience and enabling them to participate.

Slack: The September Issue

Slack | September was a big month for Slack, chock full of releases and debuts we’ve been working on for ages. Just in case you missed any of it, Slack decided to sum them up.

New Additions to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace

Zendesk | Check out these new integrations, all designed to help you provide great support and get the most out of Zendesk.

Evolving the Dropbox Brand

Dropbox | Dropbox recently announced the biggest change to the company’s look in their 10-year history.

New Features in Google’s Contacts App on Android

G Suite | Google released version 2.2 of the Google Contacts app on Android. This release contains several changes to the look and management of your contacts.

How To Share WiFi Password In iOS 11 Between Devices

Addictive Tips | iOS doesn’t let you view the password for a WiFi network you’re connected to. This is one of the oldest peeves users have with the system. Apple has finally addressed this shortcoming.

3 Underrated Soft Skills That’ll Get You Ahead (No Matter Where You’re Going)

The Muse | Cultivating the right skills in your career will make the difference between getting a promotion and getting passed over for one, landing your dream job and settling for a role you don’t love, and being given that big new account or watching your not-so-favorite co-worker get the opportunity. The question is, which soft skills are the right ones?

How to Bring Outsiders Into Your Team’s Workspace

Slack | Thankfully, there are ways a company can easily use Slack to do work with freelancers, agencies, and outside firms that shortens distances and reduces hassle.

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