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SaaS Updates Summary: November 18 – November 22

BetterCloud Monitor

November 22, 2019

2 minute read

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Google released ten updates last week! If you need to catch up, or just need a refresher on all the new features, you can find all of last week’s updates here.

Manage Apps Accessing G Suite Data With New App Access Control
G Suite Updates | Google is improving your ability to control access to G Suite data by third-party and domain-owned apps. The new app access control feature will update the interface and controls in the G Suite Admin console to help you search for, research, and control apps using OAuth2 to access G Suite data.

Advanced Protection Program for the Enterprise Generally Available to Help Protect High-risk Users
G Suite Updates | The Advanced Protection Program for the enterprise is now generally available. It was previously available in beta.

Use the Google Assistant With Your G Suite Account in Beta
G Suite Updates | Google is opening a beta program to allow G Suite users to accomplish more on-the-go with the Google Assistant when logged in with a G Suite account. The Google Assistant will respond to voice commands for certain Google Calendar and Gmail functions.

Dynamic Email in Gmail Available on Android and iOS
G Suite Updates | Google previously announced dynamic emails for Gmail on the web. This functionality is now rolling out to Gmail on Android and iOS.

Smart Compose for Google Docs launching in beta
G Suite Updates | Last year, Google introduced Smart Compose for Gmail, a feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you draft emails faster. They’re now bringing Smart Compose to Google Docs with a new beta. This feature is available on the web.

Admin Setting to Control Working Hours
G Suite Updates | Google is adding a setting in the Admin console so you, as an admin, can control whether Working Hours is enabled for users in your domain.

Revamped My Devices Page Will Help Users Find and Manage Their Devices
G Suite Updates | Google is making some updates to the My Devices page. Users can go to the page to see the devices they’ve used to log in to G Suite and then manage those devices. It includes detailed device information, an option to log out of the device, and an option to wipe the device.

Data Connector for Zendesk Now Available as an Add-on for Google Sheets
G Suite Updates | You can now import and analyze data from Zendesk in Google Sheets with a new data connector. This add-on is now available in the G Suite Marketplace.

Add Different Page Numbers to Different Sections in Google Docs
G Suite Updates | You can now customize which sections to add page numbers to and which number to start counting from in Google Docs.

Combining Classic Hangouts and Chat Policy Management
G Suite Updates | Google is combining the Admin console settings for Hangouts Chat and classic Hangouts. This will make it easier to manage your policies and make sure they’re configured appropriately. The new settings will be located at Admin console > Apps > G Suite > Hangouts Chat.

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