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SaaS Updates Summary: November 1 – November 5

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Can’t find a Google Doc or Sheet? Here come new search filters to the rescue (in beta). Plus, adding citations in Google Docs is a little easier now. Read up about these updates and more in the links.

More Easily Add Citations in Google Docs With New Search and Automated Entry Function
Google Workspace Updates | When adding citations in Google Docs, you can now search for books and online sources, then automatically populate some attributes for those sources.

Refine Search Results in Google Drive With Search Chips, Launching in Beta
Google Workspace Updates | Google is launching a new beta for Google Drive that will help users refine their search and locate files faster using search chips. This is similar to functionality available in Gmail today.

Enable Advanced Context-Aware Access to Google Workspace in the Admin Console
Google Workspace Updates | You can now configure context-aware access (CAA) custom access levels using advanced attributes directly from the Google Workspace Admin console.

Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption Beta Expanded To Include Google Meet and Google Drive for Desktop
Google Workspace Updates | Google is now expanding the beta to include desktop data for Google Meet and Google Drive. Additionally, key access service APIs are now publicly available for anyone to use.

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