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SaaS Updates Summary: May 17- May 21

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It was an especially busy week at Google with I/O news buzzing around the web—and Workspace got its fair share of updates. Now you get more control over which holidays show on your calendar. Plus some new iOS data protection settings that restricts how you share things between personal and work accounts. Read up about these updates and more in the links.

Restrict Google Drive for desktop to company owned devices, now generally available
Google Workspace Updates | You can now restrict the use of Google Drive for desktop to company owned devices. This functionality was previously available in beta.
Drive for desktop (formerly known as Drive File Stream) is a simple and efficient way for users to access Drive data on Windows and Mac devices.

New iOS Data Protection Setting Protects Data Sharing Between Google Workspace and Personal Google Accounts
Google Workspace Updates | Google is adding a new admin setting which restricts data and content sharing between Google Workspace accounts and personal Google accounts in Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides on iOS.

Google Device Policy app ending support for iOS 11 soon
Google Workspace Updates | The Google Device Policy app won’t support mobile devices running iOS version 11 or lower after August 2021. If your organization has advanced mobile device management (MDM) enabled, users must upgrade to iOS version 12 or higher to access new MDM features or to download the Device Policy app for the first time.

Additional Tools for Managing the Transition From Classic to New Google Sites
Google Workspace Updates | In 2017, Google announced that we would replace classic Sites with new Sites, and in 2019 we announced that domains will have until the end of 2021 to complete the transition. Important note: Starting May 15, 2021, website creation in classic Google Sites will no longer be available.

More Options To Control Which Holidays Show on Your Calendar
Google Workspace Updates | To provide more control over your calendar, Google is adding a new option to choose which holidays to display. Previously, we showed all holidays for regions you select, including official public holidays (such as thanksgiving in the US, or the summer bank holiday in the UK), as well as unofficial other holidays.

Present From Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Directly to Google Meet
Google Workspace Updates | As part of its mission to build the future of work, Google announced smart canvas — a new product experience that will make it easier for people to stay connected, focus their time and attention, and transform their ideas into impact.

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