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SaaS Updates Summary: May 16–20

BetterCloud Monitor

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Last week, Google rolled out updates that affect Chrome and Gmail’s web servers, and it also released three new APIs to streamline workflows. Microsoft released an update that brought the OneDrive app to Windows 10 PCs. It also introduced new enhancements to Office 365 and announced that the Skype for Business App SDK Preview was available for download. Asana rolled out dashboard reporting in Google Sheets, and Facebook Messenger and Dropbox released a new integration.

Google Targets HTML5 Default for Chrome Instead of Flash in Q4 2016 – Google has outlined a plan to push HTML5 by default in Chrome, instead of Flash. In Q4 2016, the company plans to only serve Flash by default for the top 10 domains that still depend on the plugin. Chrome will display the HTML5 experience if it’s available, but if Flash is required, the user will be asked whether Flash can be allowed to run or not.

Disabling Support for SSLv3 and RC4 for Gmail SMTP in 30 Days – Last September, we announced plans to no longer support two very old security systems called SSLv3 and RC4. As mentioned in Adam Langley’s announcement, these systems are no longer secure and pose a risk to those still using them. Because of these issues, after June 16, 2016, we will disable both SSLv3 and RC4 support at Google’s SMTP servers and on Gmail’s web servers.

Try the OneDrive App for Windows 10 on Your PC to Access All Your Files – We’re continually working on making the OneDrive experience on Windows 10 even better. Today, we’re releasing an update that brings the OneDrive app to your Windows 10 PC and the Surface Hub─a top requested feature on our UserVoice forum. The new OneDrive sync client already comes pre-installed on Windows 10 PCs, allowing users to easily access their synced files through File Explorer. But this new app is a great touch-friendly complement to sync that lets you open, edit and share any of your personal or work files without having to sync them to your device.

New Enhancements to Office 365 eDiscovery Further Simplify the eDiscovery Process – To save you time and make it easier to perform investigations and eDiscovery from one central location, we have released several eDiscovery enhancements to the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, including case management, search, hold and export. These new eDiscovery enhancements further strengthen the rich set of eDiscovery capabilities already present in Office 365 to help you quickly investigate and meet legal and regulatory obligations from the Security & Compliance Center.

Embed Charts from Google Sheets in Google Docs and Slides and Update Them with a Single Click – Charts help you display data in a visually compelling way. At work, the same chart may be used across multiple documents and presentations, to help you better convey your message and strengthen your argument. If that chart changes, it can be tedious and time-consuming to replace it in each and every file. To save you valuable time, we’re now making it possible to update your chart with a single click—without ever needing to leave your document or presentation.

Opening Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Files on Mobile Now Easier When You’re Offline – We know that internet connections can be spotty when you’re working on your phone on the go. And we recognize that sometimes you need access to a file you didn’t remember to make available offline. With this launch, we’ll make it easier to open Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on your Android and iOS devices when you’re not online. Starting today, any Docs, Sheets, or Slides files you’ve recently worked on will be automatically synced to your mobile device, so you can open them even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Exchange Server 2016 Online Training Courses Now Available – We are excited to announce the release of four new edX online training courses for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. If you plan to implement Exchange Server 2016 or Exchange Online, or if you want to make sure that your implementation was done right, the Exchange Server 2016 online training courses are for you.

New Ways to Keep Data Flowing Between Your Apps and Ours – To make it easier to get the job done across multiple apps, without all the copy and paste, Google announced three new APIs and a new feature to help workers get to the data they need, when and where they need it.

Communicate Directly with Customers via Skype for Business Inside Your Mobile Apps – Today, we are pleased to announce that the Skype for Business App SDK Preview is now available for download. This new SDK enables developers to seamlessly integrate instant messaging, audio and video experiences into their custom iOS and Android applications.

Accessibility Enhancements in Office 365 for People with Vision Impairments – Windows, iOS and Android platforms come with unique accessibility settings and built-in assistive services that many people with disabilities rely on. As part of our plans to ensure Office 365 applications, on all platforms, are inclusive and truly empower people of all abilities to achieve more, a key focus area for the Office 365 team this year is to ensure that our apps on these platforms work seamlessly with these settings and services to empower everyone to be productive on every device. Here’s an overview of how we’re enhancing Office 365 to work better with two specific platform settings and services that many people with vision impairments use.

Dashboard Reporting in Google Sheets – For team leads or project managers who are tracking work across lots of projects, Asana Dashboards are a great way to see progress across your projects at a glance. But sometimes you might want to do a deeper comparison across projects. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Dashboard reporting in Google Sheets. This new integration lets you build custom reports—tables, charts, scatterplots, and more—in Google Sheets, all using your Asana project data. Get insights on the projects that need attention, the rate at which initiatives are progressing, or who on your team is pushing work forward fastest.

Get Real-Time Asana Updates in Slack, GitHub, and More – We love Asana (obviously), but we know it’s not the only tool your team needs to get work done. To truly enable your team to work together effortlessly, Asana integrates with many of the other tools you use at work. You’ve long been able to connect your apps to Asana, and now those connections will be faster and more efficient, since we implemented webhooks.

How to Expand the Facebook Messenger App with Dropbox – In a recent update to both the Facebook Messenger and Dropbox apps, it is now possible to integrate Dropbox into the Facebook Messenger app. This means you can share files from your Dropbox cloud account to Facebook Messenger “friends” without having to use a third-party file manager; the feature works directly through the Facebook Messenger app menu.