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SaaS Updates Summary: May 1-5

BetterCloud Monitor

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May kicked off with tons of major updates. Zendesk launched a new product, Slack slickened search, and we announced our latest BetterCloud integration: Salesforce. Not to mention there were a number of additional updates that you can read more about below.

BetterCloud Update: Actions on Detail Pages

BetterCloud | Our menu of actions is now available on detail flyout tabs from both the Data Management and Alerts selection grids. To learn more you can read the release notes or watch this two-and-a-half minute video.

Move Google Drive Files and Folders into Team Drives

G Suite | As an admin, you can now move files and folders into Team Drives in three ways: 1) Allow users to migrate files 2) Migrate folders as a super admin 3) Delegate admin migration rights to individual users.

Discover More of the Things You’re Into with Topics on Google+

G Suite | With Topics, you’ll see a high-quality stream of Collections, Communities, and people related to things we think you’ll be interested in.

Next Steps Toward More Connection Security

Google | Beginning in October 2017, Chrome will show the “Not secure” warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.

Automatically Create Process Diagrams in Visio from Excel Data

Office 365 | Yesterday, Microsoft announced Data Visualizer, a new Visio feature that automatically converts process map data in Excel into data-driven Visio diagrams. This update, which is available to Visio Pro for Office 365 users, helps reduce manual steps while giving business analysts even more ways to create process diagrams in Visio.

Smartsheet for Google Inbox

Office 365 | Smartsheet’s integration with Google Inbox layers work management superpowers onto the Gmail add-on, making it even easier to find the right content at the right time, and take action.

A New “Groups” Experience and Self-Serve SSO

Box | Box introduced a reimagined Groups experience — featuring a new UI for enhanced productivity, an expanded Group Admin role with permission customization, and self-serve SSO to make provisioning individual users and groups around the right content easier than ever. Now, users and admins can securely manage collaboration together at scale.

Introducing Zendesk Guide

Zendesk | Zendesk launches a new product called Guide. Guide can help: 1) Improve self-service with contextual help. 2) Tap into your collective knowledge for better support. 3) Enhance knowledge with insightful reporting.

What’s New in G Suite – April 2017

G Suite | It was a semi-quiet month for Google coming off of their Google Next conference. However, there were still tons of great updates. You can find the G Suite release calendar here.

New iOS Enterprise Security Features Now Available, Including Corporate Contacts

G Suite | G Suite admins will now be able to sync managed corporate contacts to their users’ devices. In addition, Google is also adding the following device restriction policies: 1) Managed apps: Manage app author, settings, and storage. 2) Account configuration: Automatically configure Google account on iOS to sync contacts, calendar. 3) Safari: Manage Safari browser settings 4) Photos: Manage photo sharing on iOS. 5) Advanced security: Allow screenshots and screen recording, Siri, Apple Watch, and more.

Group Items Vertically in the New Google Sites

G Suite | For those using Google Sites, I imagine this update remedies a frustrating issue. This update small to warrant a blog post, however, if it was a minor fix that fixed a major problem, then I understand why Google felt the need to announce this update on their blog.

An Update On the Classic Google Sites Deprecation Timeline

G Suite | In Q4 2017, Google will launch features in the classic Sites that will help site owners migrate their content to the new Sites. Once announced, the deprecation schedule will include at least one year of unchanged operation followed by three months of read-only operation.

Making Email Safer with Anti-Phishing Security Checks in Gmail on Android

G Suite | If you listened carefully, you could hear the audible groans echoing from Mountain View as this post was published just hours after one of the most wide-spread Google phishing attacks ever. It was ill-timed, unfortunately. On the bright side, Google takes phishing extremely seriously, so much so that Urs Hölzle, SVP of Technical Infrastructure for Google Cloud, said in March that phishing is probably the “number one security challenge for enterprises today.”

A New Way to Discover and Connect with Just the Right Teammates

Slack | The search in Slack just got smarter. Now, it points you to the most relevant people and channels.

Announcing Frontiers, a New Conference from Slack

Slack | Join Slack to explore big (but practical) ideas about how teams work.

Register for “The Expert’s View: The Future Decoded” On the Next Modern Workplace

Office 365 | This looks like an interesting online event from the Microsoft team. They’ll “dive deeper into what’s in store for organizations in the future and take a closer look at innovation, collaboration and security trends to help organizations prepare for what’s ahead.”

BetterCloud Now Connects with Salesforce

G Suite | Connecting to Salesforce in BetterCloud allows you to audit and manage your domain’s Salesforce user accounts in the BetterCloud Users List grid. You can also configure customized alerts and automate Salesforce management actions with BetterCloud Workflows.

Salesforce Actions now available in BetterCloud: Deactivate User, Set User’s Manager, Set User’s Name, Set User’s Employee Number, Set User’s Division, Set User’s Department, Set User’s Company, and Set User’s Title.

Salesforce Alerts now available in BetterCloud: Administrator Count Exceeds Threshold, Users with No First Name, Users with No Title, Users with No Department, Users with No Manager, and Users with No Phone Number.

This the fifth BetterCloud integration and our latest step toward comprehensive multi-SaaS managment. If you would like more information, just reply to this email!

How Machine Learning in G Suite Makes People More Productive

Slack | “According to a Google study in 2015, the average worker spends only about 5% of his or her time actually coming up with the next big idea. The rest of our time is caught in the quicksand of formatting, tracking, analysis or other mundane tasks. That’s where machine learning can help.”

Outbound Team: Welcome to the Zendesk Family

Zendesk | Today Zendesk announced its recent acquisition of Outbound. Outbound enables businesses to automate and deliver relevant messages across web, email, and mobile channels, and to better measure their effectiveness.

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