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SaaS Updates Summary: March 5 – March 9

BetterCloud Monitor

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G Suite roared in like a lion this week with tons of updates. The biggest news is that there’s a new activity dashboard in Docs, Sheets, and Slides that will let users (with edit access) see who has viewed the file and when they viewed it. Other G Suite updates: You can also use AI to find files in Drive, implement progress bars in Slides with an add-on, and find items more easily with new menus and toolbars in Docs.

We’ve been busy too: BetterCloud released enhancements to role-based privileges, making privilege management more intuitive and streamlined.

Here are all the SaaS updates from this week below:

Find Shared Content with New File Organization in Google Drive
G Suite Updates | Google is improving how you find files that have been shared with you in Google Drive. Searching for content by owner is the most popular way to search for content in Drive today. The new interface will use artificial intelligence to predict the people and files that you’re most likely to search for and make them more visible.

Make Progress (Bars) in Presentations with Slides Add-ons
G Suite Developers Blog | When it comes to Slides, if your users are delivering a presentation or watching one, sometimes it’s good to know how far along you are in the deck. Wouldn’t it be great if Slides featured progress bars? In the latest episode of the G Suite Dev Show, G Suite engineers show you how to do exactly that—implement simple progress bars using a Slides Add-on.

New Apps in the Freshdesk Marketplace to Help You Provide Better Customer Service
Freshdesk Blog | In the last few months, Freshdesk’s Marketplace has been adding a lot of interesting new apps, each providing a unique and much-needed edge to customer service. From use cases like dashboards for viewing support data to completely elastic customer support, each app brings a powerhouse of features to enable you to simplify your customer support. Here is a quick look at the apps that have been added to the Marketplace in the month of January.

Automatically Provision Users with Four Additional Apps
G Suite Updates | When auto-provisioning is enabled for a supported third-party application, any users created, modified, or deleted in G Suite are automatically added, edited, or deleted in the third-party application as well. Google is adding auto-provisioning support for four new applications: Kudos, 15Five, Rollbar, and Honey.

Menu and Toolbar Updates in Google Docs Editors
G Suite Updates | Based on usage data and your feedback, Google is making some changes to the menus in the web versions of the Google Docs editors. These are similar to the changes they made in December, January, and February and will make it easier to find certain items.

Improve Collaboration in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with Activity Dashboard
G Suite Updates | An important part of collaboration is deciding how and when to follow up with others. To help inform these decisions, Google is introducing Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It’s a feature that lets users with edit access see who has viewed the file and when they viewed it.

Inbox Types Now Supported in the Gmail App for Android
G Suite Updates | Going forward, if you’ve selected a specific inbox type for your Gmail account on the web, you’ll see that same email configuration in your Android app. For instance, if you’ve chosen to see unread emails at the top of your inbox and everything else below, you’ll see your emails sorted the same way in Gmail for Android.

Miss a Call—But Not the Moment—with Video Messages on Google Duo
The Keyword | Beginning today on Google Duo, you can leave a video message when the person you’re calling can’t pick up. If the person you’re calling declines or misses your call, you can record up to 30 seconds of a video (or voice) message.

Check Out the Most Recent G Suite Launches
G Suite Updates | Last year, Google introduced a new resource for admins: What’s new in G Suite? Don’t forget to visit the page regularly for a list of the most recent launches across G Suite.

Role-Based Privileges Enhancements
BetterCloud Release Notes | Privilege management in BetterCloud is more intuitive and streamlined with the new enhancements to Role-Based Privileges. When creating a role, you can select a user who already has a role to serve as a template, or automatically populate privileges on a per-connector basis. This will speed up the process of role creation, and enable you to instantly replicate similar roles across your organization.

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