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SaaS Updates Summary: March 25 – March 29

BetterCloud Monitor

March 29, 2019

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dkblue circuits

Last week Gmail got more dynamic, Hangouts got more actionable alerts, and 2FA for G Suite got better. For less vague descriptions, read below!

New Hangouts Meet Peripheral Issue Alerts and Improved Connectivity Alerts
G Suite Updates | To provide admins better tools to improve the overall performance of their Hangouts Meet devices, Google has introduced a new set of actionable alerts when issues with peripherals are detected. They have also made the alerts for detected connectivity/network issues actionable with richer information and direct access to the device information page.

Dynamic Email in Gmail (Beta)
G Suite Updates | Google is opening a beta program for dynamic email in Gmail. Dynamic email allows email senders to embed AMP into messages themselves, making them more actionable and updating them with the most current information.

New 2-Step Verification Options for G Suite Accounts
G Suite Updates | Google is updating how 2-Step Verification works for G Suite. This will make new 2-Step Verification methods available for some devices, and update the 2-Step Verification user interface on mobile and desktop devices.

Launching New Google Drive/Microsoft Outlook Integration, Shutting Down Legacy Plugin
G Suite Updates | Google is updating Drive File Stream to replace the functionality of the “Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office.” As a result, the outdated plugin will be shut down on June 26, 2019. This only impacts users of the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office.

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