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SaaS Updates Summary: March 1 – 5

BetterCloud Monitor

March 8, 2021

2 minute read

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Want to join a Google Meet meeting from a third-party device? Now you can. Thought Microsoft needed to add some new features to make WFH a little easier? You got it. Read about these updates and more in the links.

Sign In To RSVP via Hyperlinks in Google Calendar Email Invitations
Google Workspace Updates | In order to prevent unauthorized users from responding on your behalf to Google Calendar event invitations, you’ll now be required to be logged in to use any of the RSVP hyperlinks in invite emails. Previously, organizers or anyone with a specific invitee’s invitation copy could respond on behalf of that invitee.

Add Files Owned by Suspended Accounts to Shared Drives
Google Workspace Updates | Shared drives can be used to store, search, and access files with a team. Admins can choose whether to let file editors in their organization move content from My Drive to shared drives, as long as the file owner is a member of the shared drive.

New Google Vault Interface Will Become the Only Experience Starting on May 24, 2021
Microsoft 365 Blog | While the new interface is the primary interface at, it is still possible to access the classic interface at Starting on May 24, 2021, the classic interface will redirect to the new interface, with no option to revert back.

Enhanced Admin Controls for Gmail IMAP
Google Workspace Updates | You can now enable Gmail IMAP and Gmail POP separately and enable access via IMAP on a per-app basis in the Admin console. In addition to granularly allowing mail clients to sync via IMAP and/or POP, there’s also a new option to specify a list of OAuth IDs, which are the approved IMAP clients that your users are allowed to use.

Join Google Meet Calls From Third-Party Video Conferencing Systems More Easily
Google Workspace Updates | Google is making it easier to join Google Meet calls from third-party video conferencing systems. If you’re using third-party video conferencing hardware with a third-party calendar service, you can now enable your users to join Meet video calls with just one click from the device.

New Assured Controls Help Support Your Information Governance Goals
Google Workspace Updates | Google is introducing Assured Controls for Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, an add-on that helps customers control cloud service provider access and attain their information governance goals.

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