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SaaS Updates Summary: June 4 – June 8

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Greetings. Starting June 14th, you’ll be seeing a new Google sign-in screen, so don’t be alarmed if the page looks a little different. Google also announced Google Mobile Management support for Hangouts Meet on iOS, along with new G Suite integrations and updates for Slides and Calendar. Microsoft provided updates for both Windows Autopilot and the suite of threat protection services for Office 365. Slack released an integration with ADP that makes looking up pay stubs and booking time off a lot easier, and Atlassian announced the general availability of Atlassian Access.

Read on for details.

Google Mobile Management Support for Hangouts Meet on iOS
G Suite Updates | On June 19th, 2018, Google Mobile Management will begin rolling out support for Hangouts Meet on iOS. Currently, G Suite users in domains with advanced mobile device management enabled can use the Hangouts Meet iOS app without first installing the device policy profile. Following the launch, these users will be required to install the device policy profile (if they haven’t already) in order to continue using Hangouts Meet on their iOS devices.

Timeline for Moving to the New Gmail
G Suite Updates | Google recently introduced an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for the new Gmail, with new capabilities like Gmail offline and nudging. To prepare you and your organization for the general availability (GA) launch, they’re providing additional details on the rollout schedule.

Bring Teams Together with New G Suite Integrations
G Suite Updates | Google is announcing new integrations in Hangouts Meet and Calendar to help you have even better meeting experiences regardless of the conference technology you use. They’re also bringing you new ways to collaborate in Hangouts Chat and Sheets.

Configure Your Google Groups Settings for Increased Security
G Suite Updates | By default, Google Groups are set to private; there have been a small number of instances, however, where customers have accidentally shared sensitive information as a result of misconfigured Google Groups privacy settings. That’s why it’s important to understand how you can tailor the privacy configurations of Google Groups to align with your organization’s policies.

Come What May
Several People Are Typing | May was chock-a-block with releases, news, and features for Slack. Let’s spring right into the latest updates from the blog this month.

Slack and ADP: Looking Up Pay Stubs and Booking Time Off Just Got a Lot Easier
Several People Are Typing | If you’re planning to book some time off for a well-earned vacation or you suddenly need to look into the finer details of your last pay stub, you’ll likely want to get on those things right away. Good news: Now with the new ADP Virtual Assistant app, you can get that information sent to you where you’re already working — in Slack. There’s no need to switch tabs, switch tools, or switch contexts. Everything you need can be conjured up by typing “help” or using simple slash commands. Here’s how the new ADP app works.

Atlassian Access: Company-wide Visibility, Control, and Security
Atlassian Blog | Atlassian is excited to announce the general availability of Atlassian Access. Atlassian Access is a set of capabilities that gives administrators company-wide visibility, control, and security over their Atlassian Cloud products, while providing users easy access to the collaborative tools they rely on to get work done. Atlassian Access comes equipped with SAML single sign-on, enforced two-step verification, password policies, and Priority Support.

Securing the Modern Workplace with Enhanced Threat Protection Services in Office 365
Microsoft 365 Blog | The built-in suite of powerful threat protection services for Office 365—including Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and Threat Intelligence—is a paramount requirement for customers choosing Office 365 to help drive their digital transformation. With InfoSecurity Europe kicking off, Microsoft is providing an update on how these security workloads provide enhanced protection for their customers and meet the strict data residency, compliance, and privacy requirements of Office 365.

Know When Everyone Has Declined a Google Calendar Event
G Suite Updates | It’s important that you know when to cancel or reschedule meetings with low attendance, so you can take back time. That’s why Google is now indicating to Calendar users when their meetings won’t be attended by anyone else and helping them take action.

Two Great Products, Now Even Better Together: Jira and Confluence.
Atlassian Blog | To create a more seamless experience, Atlassian has developed a number of touch points in their cloud platforms to surface Confluence at opportune moments within Jira workflows.

A New Look for Google Sign-in Screens on June 14th
G Suite Updates | Starting on June 14th, 2018, you may notice that when you sign in to your G Suite account, the screen looks slightly different. Some of the changes will include tweaks to the Google logo, an outline around the text field, and center alignment of all items on the screen.

Improved Slide Layouts with New Size and Position Controls in Google Slides
G Suite Updates | Google is adding new controls to adjust the size and position of shapes, images, text boxes, and more in Google Slides. This builds on their launch from April, when they added guide and ruler features to give you more control over object positions and text alignment. Together these features provide precise control over slides and enable the design of more attractive and effective presentations.

Simplifying IT with the Latest Updates from Windows Autopilot
Microsoft 365 Blog | With Windows Autopilot, Microsoft’s goal is to simplify deployment of new Windows 10 devices by eliminating the cost and complexity associated with creating, maintaining, and loading custom images. They are announcing several new capabilities available in preview with the Windows Insider Program now: Self-Deploying mode and Windows Autopilot reset.

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