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SaaS Updates Summary: June 28 – July 2

BetterCloud Monitor

July 6, 2021

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Like captions? So does everyone else—and now you can enable ’em in Google Meet. Plus, Google’s giving you even more info about apps in the marketplace before you deploy them to your entire org. Read about these updates and others in the links.

Admins Can View More Information About Apps in the Google Workspace Marketplace Before Deploying to Their Users
Google Workspace Updates | Before installing Google Workspace Marketplace app to users in their domain, admins can review important information about the application, such as developer information, permissions the applications require, and more.

Google Chat Will Automatically Suggest Group Chats Based on Your Google Calendar
Google Workspace Updates | Google previously announced that Google Chat will automatically suggest 1:1 chats based on your meetings in Google Calendar. Now, you’ll also get suggestions for group chats when you’re meeting with multiple people.

Expanding Google Meet Visual Refresh To Meet Hardware Portfolio
Google Workspace Updates | Google is expanding the rollout of the refreshed Google Meet web experience to Meet hardware devices. Users joining Meet calls with a Chromebase for meetings all-in-one touchscreen device will notice improvements for video feeds, the viewing and presenting experience, and the bottom bar.

Enhancing Live Streams in Google Meet With Captions and Cross-Domain Live Streams
Google Workspace Updates | Previously, only guests in your organization could view a live stream. Now, admins can designate trusted Google Workspace domains for Google Meet live streams. At launch, captions for live streams will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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