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SaaS Updates Summary: June 26-June 30

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Last week’s biggest update was Google getting slapped with a huge $2.7 billion fine. There were also a few updates from Virtru, Box, and Office 365. Click on the links below for more details.

The European Commission Decision on Online Shopping: The Other Side of the Story

Google | Google is fighting back against the EU’s lawsuit regarding alleged search result manipulation.

New to Office 365 in June—Classroom Experiences in Microsoft Teams and More

Office 365 | For students, Microsoft Teams helps create safe and engaging classroom environments with rich conversations including text, video and voice, as well as custom class themes, stickers and emojis.

How to Search Box Using Chrome

Box | You can use the Omnibox (search box) in Chrome to search Box directly- saving you time and clicks.

Announcing Virtru OU, Group, and DLP Enhancements

Virtru | Virtru Enterprise customers can now set Virtru Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules to apply to specific organizational units (OUs) and groups in their domains.

Give and Get the Photos You Care About

Google | To help you share and receive more of the meaningful moments in your life, Google is rolling out suggested sharing and shared libraries this week.

Fast Mobile Sites Get More Customers. Google Helps Get Yours Up to Speed.

Google | Google launches a new set of features to test your site’s speed on Test My Site.

Sale Into Summer with New Deals on Google Play

Google | Starting today, you’ll be able to find your favorite movies, apps, games, music, TV and books at big savings.

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