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SaaS Updates Summary: June 21 – June 25

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A big week for those of you who have pined for more info about your coworkers in Google Contacts. Plus, a new (and streamlined) admin experience for managing users and domains. Neat, right? Check out these updates and more in the links.

Launching a New Online Community for Google Workspace Admins
Google Workspace Updates | Google is launching a new community for Google Workspace admins. The new Google Cloud Community will replace the old Cloud Connect Community (CCC).

New Streamlined Experience for Managing Users and Domains in the Admin Console
Google Workspace Updates | Today, Google is introducing several new improvements making it easier for admins to perform common actions when managing users and domains within their organization, including improvements to the workflows.

Improved Search in Google Chat
Google Workspace Updates | You can now search Google Chat content faster by quickly editing down your search results using interactive filters on mobile. These filters help you find artifacts like files and links more easily.

Use the Classic Sites Manager To Download Archived Backups and Control Editing of Sites in Bulk
Google Workspace Updates | To help Admins and end users manage the transition to new Sites, Google introduced the Classic Sites Manager in 2020. Today, it’s adding additional new features to the Classic Sites Manager for Admins.

A New Google Contacts Experience Provides Richer Information About Your Colleagues and Stakeholders
Google Workspace Updates | Google is introducing a new experience for Google Contacts which will help Google Workspace users learn more about their colleagues. Within Contacts or the Contacts sidebar, you can view more detailed information about others.

Visual Update to the Gmail Search Box
Google Workspace Updates | Google is making two updates to the search box in Gmail. There is no update to any functionality with this update, it’s only a user interface update.

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