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SaaS Updates Summary: June 17 – June 21

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Last week Google made presentations a little less nerve-racking with new features in Slides and made life a little easier for teachers with the general release of Gradebook in Classroom. Catch up on the other SaaS updates that Google made last week below.

Enterprise App Management Made Simpler With Managed Google Play Iframe
The Keyword | Managed Google Play lets enterprise organizations distribute and administer apps for their teams to use at work. By using managed Google Play, IT departments can help to reduce the security risks that come from sideloading applications. Admins can give their teams full access to the Android app ecosystem or curate just the right apps for getting the job done.

New Features for Slides Present Mode
G Suite Updates | Google is adding new features in Slides Present mode to make navigating a presentation easier while you’re presenting.

See a Filterable, Searchable List of the Latest G Suite Launches
G Suite Updates | Google has just updated the “What’s new in G Suite?” Help Center article to include recent launches. The article has a list of all the G Suite launches from the past six months. You can filter by product or search by keyword to find and learn about any launch.

Gradebook in Classroom Now Generally Available
G Suite Updates | Last year, Google announced a beta for Gradebook in Classroom. Gradebook makes grading easier, allowing teachers to keep their assignments and grades in a single place in Classroom. This feature is now generally available.

Five New Third-party Applications Added to G Suite Pre-integrated SAML Apps Catalog
G Suite Updates | Google is adding SAML integration for five additional applications: Firstbird, Foodee, Hive, LaunchDarkly, and RECOG.

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