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SaaS Updates Summary: July 18 – July 22

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Big week in the Google Workspace world. The size of spaces in Google Chat doubled from 4,000 to 8,000. Plus, Google Meet participants can ask questions anonymously now. Read up about these updates and plenty of others in the links.

Programmatically manage and apply Drive Labels using new API functionality
Google Workspace Updates | Google announced a highly requested update that will enable you to programmatically manage labels at scale via Drive APIs. 

Easily access your most used emojis in Google Chat
Google Workspace Updates | In the Google Chat emoji picker, your most frequently used emojis can be found under the new “Frequently Used” section.

Live stream Google Meet events via YouTube
Google Workspace Updates | Once enabled by an Admin, Google Workspace users can live stream meetings publicly via YouTube. 

Prevent spam by adding invitations from known senders only to your calendar
Google Workspace Updates | To help keep your Google Calendar free from spam, you can now select an option to display events on your calendar only if they come from a sender you know. 

Delete Chat spaces and their content, now generally available
Google Workspace Updates | With this capability, a space manager can delete a space, which completely removes all owned contents of the space, space tasks, and files and attachments not saved elsewhere.

Allow Google Meet participants to ask questions or respond to polls anonymously
Google Workspace Updates | In Google Meet, meeting participants will now have the option to ask questions or participate in polls anonymously.

Stay on top of changes to document content with edit notifications
Google Workspace Updates | In Google Docs, you can now choose to receive email notifications for document changes on a per file basis.

Building larger spaces in Google Chat
Google Workspace Updates | Google increased the amount of members you can add to a space in Google Chat from 400 to 8,000. 

Control access to experimental Google Workspace apps with a new admin setting
Google Workspace Updates | Admins can use the new Experimental Apps Control setting to grant or deny their users access to emerging or experimental Google applications and whether those applications can access core service data. 

Making Google Chat active user metrics more detailed in the Admin console
Google Workspace Updates | This new method ensures greater accuracy for detecting a user’s reading and sending actions in Chat, which will provide admins more accurate reporting. 

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