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SaaS Updates Summary: January 16–January 20

BetterCloud Monitor

January 20, 2017

3 minute read

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So what happened last week in the world of SaaS updates? The highlights include threaded messaging in Slack; smarter features for Google Calendar on the web; new updates for OneNote Class Notebook, Learning Tools, and Office Lens; and a completely redesigned Evernote iOS app. For a full roundup of last week’s updates, read on.

G Suite: Google Calendar just got smarter. Now, when you book meetings in Calendar (on the web), it’ll suggest rooms based on your and your participants’ previously used rooms. The “Find a time” tab will also show the time of the meeting in each participant’s time zone, if they’re different.

Also, now in Google Sheets, you can add a block of cells to a spreadsheet and it’ll shift the surrounding cells down or to the right. This update makes it easier to insert cells without disturbing neighboring content too much.

It’s also easier than ever to create group chats in Hangouts. You can name your group chats more easily, and once you’ve given your group chat a name, you can create “placeholder” group chats that you can share with a link.

Google added three updates to Google+ as well, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks. You can hide low-quality comments on posts, zoom in on photos on Google+ web, and create and join events on Google+ web starting January 24th (but note that Events will not be available for G Suite at this time). Also, classic Google+ on the web will be a thing of the past; it will be deprecated on January 24th.

Office 365: Microsoft announced new updates for OneNote Class Notebook, Learning Tools, and Office Lens. These include the availability of Class Notebook Tools on more platforms, updates for Learning Tools for OneNote, and stickers in Class Notebooks to make feedback more fun!

Additionally, Microsoft announced the availability of several advanced capabilities in Office 365 that are new for the US Government Community. These capabilities meet strict compliance standards and include Skype for Business cloud voice, video, and meetings services; advanced security workloads; and data analytics tools.

Asana: Asana introduced a color-blind mode, which you can turn on to make the colors in Asana color-blind accessible.

Box: Box launched a new Partner Portal to support partners internationally, calling it a “one-stop shop for all our partners’ channel-related needs.”

Dropbox: Dropbox Paper now has a bevy of keyboard shortcuts to help you work more efficiently.

Evernote has completely redesigned its app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, calling it their “fastest, most elegant iOS app ever.” The new changes include faster ways to find notes, adding color to your notes, and more.

Insightly: Say hello to custom reports in Insightly. With these, you can use charts and graphs to answer questions about your business (e.g., opportunities, tasks, leads, contacts, and more).

ServiceNow: ServiceNow posted an overview video outlining new functions and enhancements in the Istanbul release of ServiceNow Express.

Slack: Threaded messaging comes to Slack! Now you can take conversations off to the side and start a new thread if you don’t want the conversation to apply to everyone.

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