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SaaS Updates Summary: January 13 – January 17

BetterCloud Monitor

January 17, 2020

2 minute read

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Are you a super admin who has needed to recover your own password in the past? Luckily, G Suite made that easier last week. Check out our update post for all of last week’s SaaS updates if you want to learn how else SaaS is making your life easier.

Present to Meetings Using the HDMI Cable on Hangouts Meet Hardware
G Suite Updates | You can now present high-quality video content with audio in your meeting using the HDMI cable included with Hangouts Meet hardware kits.

Password Recovery for Super Admins and a New Interface for Security Settings
G Suite Updates | Google is making it easier for super admins to recover their own passwords. They are also updating the look of some basic security settings in the Admin console.

Use Phones as Security Keys in the Advanced Protection Program
G Suite Updates | You can now use your mobile phone as a security key in the Advanced Protection Program for the enterprise. This means you can use your Android or iOS device’s built-in security key for 2-Step Verification, which makes it easier and quicker to protect high-risk users with our strongest account security settings.

Use an iPhone as a Security Key for 2-step Verification
G Suite Updates | Google is adding an option to use your iPhone as a security key for your Google Account.

The New Microsoft Edge Now Available for Download
Microsoft 365 Blog | Microsoft Edge saves you time and helps you focus by delivering a fast and secure way to get things done on the web. The new Microsoft Edge is out of preview and ready for download on all supported versions of Windows and macOS and in more than 90 languages.

Grant SAML App Access to Specific Groups
G Suite Updates | You can now enable SAML apps for specific groups of users in your organization. You could previously only enable them by organizational unit (OU). This provides extra flexibility, as you can now turn apps on or off for sets of users without changing your organizational structure.

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