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SaaS Updates Summary: February 8 – 12

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Google made a lot of things “generally available” last week, including group membership expiration and and security groups. Read about everything that’s now generally available, plus more, in the links below.

Email Aliases Now Included in Gmail Search Results
Google Workspace Updates | When you search for an email address in Gmail, Google now show all emails associated with that specific address and any aliases it’s part of. These results will be pulled from the to, from, cc, and bcc fields, or anywhere in the email.

Group Membership Expiration Now Generally Available
Google Workspace Updates | The Cloud Identity Groups API feature that enables you to set expirations for group memberships is now generally available. It was previously available in beta. This enables admins to set an amount of time that users and service accounts are members of a group. Once the specified time has passed, users will be removed from the group automatically.

Security Groups Now Generally Available
Google Workspace Updates | Google is making security groups generally available. Security groups help you easily regulate, audit, and monitor groups used for permission and access control purposes by simply adding the security label. See our beta announcement for more details and use cases for security groups.

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