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SaaS Updates Summary: February 22 – 25

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Google shipped *all* the updates, as the kids these days say. Finally, you can end a Google Meet call for everyone at the same time. Plus, finding comments in Docs isn’t quite as annoying. Read about these updates and plenty more in the links.

End a Google Meet Video Call for Everyone at Once
Google Workspace Updates | When a Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals or Education Plus host leaves their meeting, they can now choose to keep others on the call or to end the call instead, ejecting everyone else. Google will launch this feature to additional Google Workspace editions in the coming months.
More Options for Sharing Your Availability in Google Calendar
Google Workspace Updates | Google is adding two new options in Calendar, which will help you better communicate your work availability to your colleagues. Specifically, you can create repeating out of office entries and split your working hours into multiple segments each day.

Improvements for Locating New Comments and Important Conversations in Google Docs
Google Workspace Updates | Google is adding two new ways that make it easier to find comments that require your attention and action in Google Docs on the web. New comment activity since the last time you viewed a document will be “badged” with a blue dot. Additionally, when you hover over the blue dot, you’ll see a “New” banner.

Easily Locate the Source File for Embedded Drive Video and Audio Files in Google Slides
Google Workspace Updates | It’s now easier to find the original source file for Google Drive-stored video or audio files embedded in a Google Slides presentation. Users can click the new ‘link to Drive’ button on an embedded video or audio file to quickly open the source file in Drive. This is useful for checking access on a file before sharing a presentation more broadly.

Let Google Calendar Automatically Book a Replacement Room for Your Events
Google Workspace Updates | If a room declines your event, Google Calendar can now find a similar room to replace it, automatically. In the past, when a room declined a Calendar meeting, your users may not have noticed until the last minute, leaving them and their guests without a room. This was especially common with recurring meetings.

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