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SaaS Updates Summary: December 10 – December 14

BetterCloud Monitor

December 17, 2018

2 minute read

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Last week, Google released a handful of updates. G Suite admins can now view company-owned desktop and mobile devices in one place, control access to G Suite apps and services using Groups, and get better info on spam messages in email log search. Google also released new features for Hangouts Meet and the G Suite security center. Say farewell to a few things: Google Fusion Tables will be shut down next December, and the Admin console “Uninstall” feature for apps will be removed next January.

View Company-owned Desktop and Mobile Devices in One Place
G Suite Updates | With this launch, Google is making it possible for G Suite admins to view a more complete picture of the desktop and mobile devices used by employees in their organization.

View Google Calendar Attachments in Hangouts Meet
G Suite Updates | You can now view the attachments that were included in Google Calendar directly from a Hangouts Meet meeting. Attachments are available on the web and the Meet mobile apps.

Google Fusion Tables to Be Shut Down on December 3, 2019
G Suite Updates | Google plans to turn down Fusion Tables and the API on December 3, 2019. Embedded Fusion Tables visualizations — maps, charts, tables, and cards — will also stop working that day.

More Ways to Collaborate Using Box for G Suite
G Suite Updates | Google is making Box for G Suite available for all G Suite customers, bringing Google’s rich content creation and editing experiences directly into Box so that companies can stay productive and accelerate their work.

Control Access to G Suite Apps and Services Using Groups
G Suite Updates | Google is adding the ability to use Google Groups to control access to G Suite apps and additional Google services within your organization.

Better Information on Spam Messages in Email Log Search
G Suite Updates | As a G Suite admin, you can now get more detailed and helpful information in the Admin console about emails that have been marked as spam. The Email Search Log tool will now show the reason an email was flagged as spam, as well as other warnings users may see about suspicious emails.

Admin Console Uninstall Functionality for Apps Will Be Removed on January 15, 2019
G Suite Updates | To simplify how you can control app access for your users, Google is removing the “Uninstall” feature from the G Suite Admin console. Uninstall was a legacy way to remove a G Suite apps or additional Google service for everyone in your organization, but it’s been replaced by settings to turn apps on or off for users. The uninstall feature will be removed on January 15, 2019.

Improving the Security Center With Custom Dashboard Charts and New Email Logs
G Suite Updates | Google is adding new features to the G Suite security center. You can now save custom charts to the security dashboard. Google is also adding new email log events that show information around what happens to emails after they are sent or received.

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