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SaaS Updates Summary: August 23 – August 27

BetterCloud Monitor

August 30, 2021

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The internet makes it easy to rely on software do to…most things for us. The latest addition to that list? Formulas and functions in Google Sheets. Plus, Smart Reply is available in Google Docs. Neat! Read about these updates and more in the links.

Security Groups Are Now Generally Available
Google Workspace Updates | Beginning today, this feature is now generally available. Security groups help you easily regulate, audit, and monitor groups used for permission and access control purposes.

Save Time Replying to Comments in Google Docs With Smart Reply
Google Workspace Updates | Smart Reply suggestions appear below the reply box on comment threads in English. You can choose a suggested reply or write your own. Smart Reply joins Smart compose and spelling autocorrect.

Helping Users Prevent Echo in Google Meet
Google Workspace Updates | You’ll now see in-line, sequential, context-aware suggestions for formulas and functions when working with data in Google Sheets. Formula suggestions will make it easier to write new formulas accurately and help make data analysis quicker and easier.

New Intelligent Suggestions for Formulas and Functions in Google Sheets
Google Workspace Updates | Google has made several improvements to the Admin console, including an updated homepage, redesigned navigation experience and a streamlined experience for managing users and domains.

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