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SaaS Updates Summary: April 8 – April 12

BetterCloud Monitor

April 12, 2019

2 minute read

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There were countless SaaS updates last week. So many, in fact, that this newsletter is a recap of recaps. Scroll through to catch up on everything you may have missed.

Google Tag Manager for Community Cloud
Salesforce Blog | By integrating Google Tag Manager (GTM) with your Salesforce Community, you can enable your marketing team to manage the deployment of marketing tags and tracking pixels, without relying on a developer to modify any code. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the configuration required in order to successfully setup this integration.

Increase Everyday Productivity with Office 365 Apps for Slack
Several People Are Typing | Your company relies on a unique mix of tools to get work done. Maybe it’s Zoom for calls, Box for file storage, and Outlook for email and calendaring. Or, you could be using Webex and OneDrive, or Dropbox and G Suite. No matter what your mix looks like, Slack takes all of these everyday work tools out of browser tabs and brings them into one central place. And now, that includes Office 365 tools too.

Summary: Day 1 Next 2019 Announcements
G Suite Updates | Google has released a number of updates at Google Cloud Next this week. Their post that gives you the run down on all the changes they have announced.

Summary: Day 2 Next 2019 Announcements
G Suite Updates | Another day, another slew of G Suite updates from Google Next. Check out this recap for everything you missed from day 2 of Google Cloud Next.

Confluence Cloud Reimagined: 15+ New Features (and Counting!)
Atlassian Blog Work Life | Atlassian is excited to share more than 15 new features that totally reimagine the content creation experience in Confluence Cloud. They include a brand-new content editing experience, better organization, and a new acquisition.

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