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SaaS Updates Summary: April 10-14

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Last week, we had a number of meaningful updates from all the big players.

Google | Much like it did with Translate, Google has been gradually incorporating its various services straight into search results for easy access – and the latest one to make the cut is its dedicated URL submission feature.

Google | And, “For the first time, when you conduct a search on Google that returns an authoritative result containing fact checks for one or more public claims, you will see that information clearly on the search results page,” writes Google. “The snippet will display information on the claim, who made the claim, and the fact check of that particular claim.”

Office 365 | Early last week, Microsoft introduced three new features to make Forms even more collaborative and customized for educators and students. 1) Embedding forms in OneNote 2) Customizing forms with images and backgrounds 3) Accessing forms through the Other forms portal. Learn how you can do more with Forms today.

Dropbox | saw major updates including the ability to save and organize your work in a snap with the Dropbox doc scanner feature for Android as well as updated Dropbox Paper mobile apps for Android and iOS. “Paper’s new offline mode lets you stay in sync with your team no matter where you’re working. Even if you lose your internet connection, you can continue to create new docs, or access, edit, and comment on your favorite and recent docs. And once you’re back online, your changes get synced so you have a smooth, seamless experience when you’re working on the go.”

G Suite | Cloud search, one of my favorite tools, is already available on the web and via the Android app. But now Cloud Search is now accessible on your iOS device as well. “Starting today,” writes Google, “You can download the Cloud Search iOS app from the App Store and search across your G Suite applications right from your iPhone or iPad.”

Slack | According to Slack, they are “introducing message menus — clickable drop-down menus that bring more intricate and nuanced workflows to the apps you use in Slack.”

Android | Android Pay is joining with several banks around the world—including Bank of America, Bank of New Zealand, Discover, mBank and USAA—to make it even easier to use your cards with Android Pay.

Office 365 | Getting the Outlook for Mac Preview is simple—just visit the preview website ( and click the Download button. Outlook for Mac now boasts an improved setup experience and Google Calendar and Contacts support.

Office 365 | The Sway team has been on the ground asking users what features they would like to see in the Sway app. A couple of days ago, they announced another round of updates.

Dropbox | Dropbox shows off how they built a state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) pipeline for our mobile document scanner.

Google | Now while perusing fashion product images in Google, Image Search will surface a grid of inspirational lifestyle images and outfits that showcase how the product can be worn in real life.

Slack | You can set a custom status in Slack to share what you’re up to, when you’ll be back, whom to contact in your place, or anything else that helps your team know when they can expect to hear from you.

G Suite | Did you know Google has a page where they house all their G Suite update information? If you use G Suite, this is a great page to bookmark.

Okta | Big names include Ben Horowitz: Investor, author + co-founder of a16z; Steve Kerr: NBA coach + championship player; and Megan Smith: former CTO of the United States. Also, Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the Office) will be there. Not sure why, but I’m not complaining!

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