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SaaS Updates Summary: April 1 – April 5

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Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this update post. G Suite pushed out a ton of updates last week, many of which had to do with Gmail (Smart Compose is getting very personal). For the details on all nine G Suite updates, keep reading.

Threading Changes in Gmail Conversation View
G Suite Updates | Google is launching some changes to how Gmail threads messages when you have conversation view turned on.

Take Action Faster With Customizable Swipe Actions in Gmail on iOS
G Suite Updates | You can now set up swipe actions in Gmail on iOS to do any of the following actions: Archive, Trash, Mark as read/unread, Snooze, and Move to.

Enhance Presentations in Slides With Audio
G Suite Updates | Google is adding the ability for users to embed MP3 and WAV audio files from Drive into Slides.

Gmail Smart Compose Personalization
G Suite Updates | Smart Compose suggestions are becoming more tailored to your writing style. In addition, Google is adding the ability for admins to control whether Gmail Smart Compose is personalized for users within their domain. When personalization is enabled, end-users will also have the ability to individually opt out if they wish.

Transition Your Organization to Use Only Hangouts Meet for Video Calls
G Suite Updates | As part of the migration from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet that Google announced last year, G Suite admins can now turn off classic Hangouts video calling for your organization. This means that all video calls in your organization will use Meet and any classic Hangouts video calls saved in Google Calendar will be removed.

Quickly Find Support Resources in Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and More
G Suite Updates | Google is making support and learning resources easier to find in several G Suite apps. They’re doing this by adding a new quick-access button to some products and changing the Help menu options in others.

RSVP to Calendar Events from Forwarded Invitations
G Suite Updates | Google is improving how invitation forwarding works in Google Calendar. Now, if guests of a Calendar event have been granted permission to invite others, recipients of forwarded invitation emails can RSVP to the event. This will also then add them to the event as a guest.

Gmail Smart Compose Subject Suggestions
G Suite Updates | Smart Compose can now make suggestions for the subject of your email.

Stay Organized and On-Top of Conversations With Hangouts Chat Improvements
G Suite Updates | Google is improving the side panel on Hangouts Chat, making it easier to keep track of your chats and stay organized. In addition to Starred, you’ll now see the following sections in the left-hand side panel: People, Rooms, and Bots, with corresponding chats grouped accordingly.

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