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SaaS Updates for March 22, 2017

BetterCloud Monitor

March 22, 2017

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dkblue circuits

On this marvelous day in March, we’ve got three updates for you.

First, Asana and Gmail team up to help you work smarter. Asana now has a Gmail task button, which means that “when you see an email notification from Asana in your Gmail inbox, you’ll see a new “View Task” button in your Gmail message.” They also announced Google Inbox grouping, which means that “Asana notifications will now all be grouped together under an “Asana” label” for Google Inbox users.

Second, Dropbox shares some advice on how to use Dropbox Paper. This isn’t technically and update, but Dropbox Paper is so new, we thought it was worth sharing.

Last but not least, Zendesk shares how they’ve teamed up with Adobe to make customer experiences more delightful. “This integration leverages Adobe Launch’s behavioral tracking capabilities to create a proactive Zendesk Chat session with the customer, including prewritten text tailored to that customer’s experience,” according to the Zendesk blog.

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